Problem Statement

  Ad-hoc business decisions
  Lack of visibility of key indicators
  Inadequate forecasting and tracking
  Lack of access to high-end finance expertise
  Underutilised F&A information

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

CFOAxis Solution

  Assessment of F & A function
  Realignment of F&A with strategy
  Capability building
  Decision support models
  KPIs tracking mechanism

Solution Deliverables

  Improved F & A processes
  Training and Upskilling
  CXO coaching
  Analytical insights
  Decision model/s
  KPIs dashboard

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Solution Benefits

  Improved decision-making
  Performance tracking
  Deep business insights
  Strategic business focus
  Finance expertise and niche focus
  Proprietary checklists/ frameworks
  Cross- industry expertise & credentials