Price to Profit #P2P:

How to Price Software Products for Higher Sales & Profitability

“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power” - Warren Buffet

How you price your profits has a huge impact on your sales and profitability.

A study involving 2,463 companies showed that a 1% improvement in price yields an average boost to profits of 11%, trumping both sales volume increase and reduction of fixed or variable costs in terms of impact on profit.

Pricing of software products requires a unique approach to understanding the drivers of customer value, calculating customer lifetime value, and modelling the impact of change in prices on customer lifetime value.

Join this 90-minutes webinar to understand how customer lifetime value (CLV) can be leveraged to make better decisions on pricing software products, for higher sales and profitability.

If you are involved in the software product pricing decisions, you will learn from this webinar:

  • What are the customer value drivers?
  • How CLV is being used in practice by leading software product companies?
  • How to build a simple CMV model?
  • How to use CLV model for product pricing?

The webinar is designed and delivered by CA Shailendra Marathe, best selling author of “Price to profit”, a book that explains 40+ pricing strategies and lays down roadmap for implementation of strategic pricing for your business. Shailendra has over 25 years global leadership experience in finance, financial services and information technology in strategy, business development and program management roles. Shailendra’s firm CFO Axis provides Virtual CFO services to businesses.


  • Shailendra has been instrumental in doing a course correction in our growth path when we wanted to scale. He not only analysed our weak areas but suggested and helped in execution of the implementation plan.
  • Shailendra helped us focus on activities and outcomes that are critical for our business and reduce efforts spent on those activities that are not critical. We now have clearly defined financial goals and key performance indicators that we monitor.
  • Review of our business model and advice on redesigning the model for scalability proved to be critical in achieving 6x growth in business in 2 years

Book reviews from

  • Very few good books are there on Pricing Strategy that I’m aware of.This is one of them, highly recommend.
  • This book dwells on the subject and provides you with treasure trove of organized information in concise and highly organized manner.This book can be used as a reference to set up such experiment and results tracked.Highly recommended as a quick reference guide.
  • Pricing is having element of science and arts both and this book helps in understanding it in simple terms. Various templates make this book not just academic read but a practitioner guide.

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