Business Model Blueprint

It is very important for a startup to get its business model right. The model should be futuristic and should provide a blueprint that serves as a guide for the promoters/ CXOs in taking any important business decision. If not for this blueprint, the day-to-day pressures will most probably take the startup on altogether different path.
We help startups define their business model which covers key aspects such as customer segments, products / services, marketing channels and the sales funnel, value propositions, competition, and other key aspects. We conduct free workshops to help startups define their business model, and also provide consulting services for more in-depth analysis.

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Workshops for Promoters/ CXOs

We frequently hold workshops for the startup promoters/ CXOs to help them come up with right strategies that resolve their challenges and set them on a growth path. We ensure that each workshop has a clearly defined outcome and that the participants have concrete takeaways.
The workshop on pricing products & services helps startups come up with prices that are most up to date, ensure profitable operations and support sales and marketing strategy in the face of the competition. Workshop on business forecasting helps the startups create credible forecast based on realistic assumptions and robust financial model. Some of our other workshops include managing performance by numbers, managing risk & compliance and pitching to investors.

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Advisory Board

Being a promoter of a startup is one of the most challenging tasks. The startups should build a community of like-minded promoters of non-competing ventures. We help startups build this community and manage this community for productive outcomes.
Our startup advisory board comprises of senior and experienced professionals and business leaders with deep expertise in key areas like sales and marketing, finance, HR, operations and technology. The board brings together the startups on a regular basis to guide them on the future strategy, execute the business plan and resolve the tactical challenges. We ensure substantial knowledge transfer as well as cross- learning amongst promoters of various non-competing startups.

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

Investor pitch

Today India has a well-established community of angel, seed, venture capital and private equity investors who have well defined process for evaluating the investment proposals. These investors are approached every day by a number of startup promoters seeking investment. There is very high probability that a startup with great potential gets lost in the flood of proposals, unless the proposal is well made.
We help startups create credible financial forecasts and investor pitch by validating their products, pricing, marketing, sales and operations strategy. We coach the promoters on the key aspects of the pitch and also guide them through the entire process of working with the investors.

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis

CFO advisory services

Most startups delay engaging a CFO because the promoters are too focused on the product development and customer acquisition. Key decisions on critical aspects such as product pricing, marketing spend, channel development, risk management and compliance are often made without fully understanding implications on long-term financial health of the venture. Often times, these aspects are ignored even after initial round of funding.
Every startup needs top-class financial advice at affordable cost for enabling profitable growth and ensuring all the necessary compliance needs are being met. A Virtual CFO delivers high-end financial advice tailored for the startups, with flexible mode of engagement and at an affordable cost.

Shailendra Marathe - CFO Axis


Why “Virtual” CFO?

We use best remote work practices which are practiced by today’s fortune 500 organizations that have their teams spread across the globe. We focus on results and do not barter time. We are there when you need us, merely a phone call away. That doesn’t mean we don’t visit client’s office; it just means we don’t park ourselves there all the time and occupy space! This benefits clients by way of quality deliverables, affordable costs and flexible engagement mode.

Where are your clients based?

Currently our clients are based in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. If we can deliver services to clients based in these three locations, we can deliver services to clients based anywhere in India.

What do you do?

We are experts in business finance. We act as a CFO for startups and small & medium enterprises who need high quality financial advice at affordable cost and in flexible engagement mode.
We help them by getting fully immersed in the financial management of their business. Check out “our offerings” to understand which areas we cover.

What you don’t do?

There are a few things we don’t do, because we believe our expertise and niche focus on business finance delivers outstanding results for our clients.
We don’t do accounting and do not provide tax advice. We do however train your accounting team (if needed) to generate the reports that help you take better business decisions.
We don’t guarantee that you will get funds (debt or equity). We do help you prepare a case for raising funds, whether a project proposal or an investor pitch.
We have business associates who provide these services and will be happy to refer them to you should you need those services.

How do we engage with CFO Axis?

You can engage with us in multiple ways. For start, you can use our online tools to check out the health of your business, or whether you need VCFO services.
Or, you can attend one of our workshops; we hold various workshops for startups and for small & medium businesses. These workshops are on niche topics and structured to deliver you well defined takeaways.
Or, you can book appointment with us for a free session to discuss your specific business challenge, and get our advice, using our “appointments” tool. Or, you can interact with us over phone, message us using WhatsApp, tweet to us, follow us on facebook or Instagram, or join our LinkedIn page.

We are not sure VCFO services are appropriate for us; what do we do?

If you are not sure, why not speak to us by booking appointment with us for a free sessionand get our advice, using our “appointments” tool. If we don’t have anything to offer to you, we will tell it to you at the end of the session itself, which saves time for both you and us.